David Garrett

Be a necromancer. Do crimes. In space.
You're a magical princess whose job is defending your royal realm and helping your subjects.
Terrifying tales of survival in zombie-infested Cleveland.
You're a cat — a secret agent cat.
In the beautiful valley of Dweomerdale, magic is a way of life, and you are studying to be a sorcerer.
A solo game about love, loss, and the spirit world...but mostly love.
You are a monster, just like your friends at Spooky Town elementary, and today is Halloween!
One in every one hundred children in Super City is born with super powers. You are one of those children.
Your only child has been taken by goblins to the steam-powered, underground city of Ix. You're going to get them back.
A solo journaling game about wanting to be alone in the woods and the terror of finding out that you’re not.
The greatest horrors are the ones closest to home

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